Student Affairs

Dean of Student Affairs. 


The Directorate of Students’ Affairs is made up of the following units:

• Students’ Services

• Sports and Recreation

• Industrial Liaison

• Guidance and Counselling

Students’ Services Unit

 The Students’ Services Unit is responsible for allocating hostels to students, hostel upkeep and maintenance, issuance of identity cards to students, registration of clubs and societies and compilation of students data for the National Youth Service Corps. Bed-spaces are allocated to students upon the payment of an approved hostel accommodation fee. Beds are available in the hostels but students are to provide their own mattresses. Selling of allocated bed space will lead to one semester rustication of both buyer and seller.

(i) Use of Electrical Appliances Electrical Appliances like radio, television, pressing iron can be used; students are, however, not permitted to make any unauthorised electrical connection in the Halls of Residence. The need for any electrical connection should be brought to the attention of the Directorate of Students’ Affairs which shall make prompt arrangement with the Maintenance Services Unit. The use of electrical cooking appliances is banned in the hostels.

(ii) Visiting Hours to the Halls of Residence Students are usually allowed to be visited between the hours of 4.00pm, and 7.00pm Mondays to Fridays and/or during public holidays. Visitors are not allowed into the female hostel after 7.00pm. Female visitors may be allowed in the Male student's rooms between 4.00pm and 7.00pm, Mondays to Fridays and between 10.00am and 7.00pm on weekends and/or public holidays. Any male student caught sleeping in the female hostel and vice versa shall have all his/her hostel privileges withdrawn and rusticated from the polytechnic for one semester.

(iii) Secret Cults The Federal Government of Nigeria has banned cult activities in all higher institutions. The Management usually deals severely with any student found to be involved in such cult activities. Students are advised to resolutely resist any form of pressure to join secret cults.

(iv) Holiday Accommodation for Students and other Guests Students wishing to remain in hostels after the close of session/semester are allowed to do so but will be required to pay necessary holiday accommodation fees. Other guests wishing to reside in students’ hostels will be required to pay necessary charges per night and will be provided with necessary accommodation facilities.

Sports’ Unit

The Sports Uunit is responsible for all sporting activities of staff and students. The unit is specifically charged to

i) Initiate innovative strategies for involving the staff and students of the polytechnic in sports.

ii) Draw up programmes that could enhance effective scouting, coaching and preparing athletes for both intra and extramural sports session by session.

iii) To ensure coaching of the polytechnic athletes to an enviable standard for both Local, State, National and international competitions that could enable them win laurels for the polytechnic.

iv) To carry out the administrative tasks that could enhance sporting activities and to represent the polytechnic at every sport meet at Local, State, National and international levels.

v) To prepare polytechnic contingents for extramural sports competitions.

Sports and Recreational Facilities Available

 The polytechnic has facilities for twelve (12) sports including two (2) soccer pitches, two (2) running tracks, two (2) Tennis courts, two (2) Volleyball courts, two (2) Basketball courts, one (1) Squash Hall, Indoor Halls for indoor sports and a Sports Office Complex with Physical Fitness machine room, which serves as the Polytechnic Fitness Centre. The polytechnic has raised her head sports wisely by winning laurels in both Local, State, National and international competitions.

Sports and recreational facilities available

The following sports and recreational facilities are available in the Polytechnic:

1. A standard sports’ complex with well-grassed football field and other supporting facilities for various track and field events. In addition, each of the students’ hostels has common-rooms equipped with indoor game facilities.

2. The Ekiti Golf Club, which is located directly opposite the Polytechnic campus, provides unique opportunity for lovers of the game. 

3. The Prime Guest House with lodging facilities, telephone, standard restaurant and indoor games facilities.

4. The Students’ Union Building with recreational facilities like video - viewing centre, business centre, buttery and indoor game facilities.

5. A Bukateria where decent food, snacks, drinks are available to both students and staff at moderate and affordable charges.

6. Quite a good number of Students’ clubs/organisations are registered to cater for the social and recreational activities of students.

7. A good number of recreational centres, viz: Fajuyi Park, Oluyemi Kayode Stadium, some modern hotels, Danke Fast Foods, Mr Biggs, Tantalizers and Captain Cook Fast Foods, etc., are located within Ado-Ekiti township which is about 10 kilometers away from the campus.

Industrial Liaison Unit

This unit is responsible for Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). The scheme is a skill-training programme designed to expose and prepare students for industrial work – a situation they are likely to meet after graduating from the institutions of higher learning. The Scheme is to familiarise students with work methods and expose them to the needed experience in handling modern and sophisticated equipment and machinery that are not usually available in the educational institutions. The Scheme, which involves all students in the Schools of Engineering, Environmental Studies, Science and Computer Studies and the Department of Secretarial Studies in the School of Business, is in two phases. The first which comes up at the end of the first year of the National Diploma programme is for a duration of four months while the second which is for a whole year comes up at the end of the National Diploma programme and it is one of the requirements for admission into the Higher National Diploma programme. The Scheme is financed by the Federal Government and managed by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) which has now introduced e-payment system to the mode of payment of SIWES allowance of participants in all Institutions.

Guidance and Counselling Unit


Guidance and Councelling Unit is under the Directorate of Students' Affairs in the Registry Department of the Polytechnic. It was established to assist the students in actualizing themselves and maximizing their potentials. The unit provides services in the area of educational, vocational, social and personal counselling. These are geared towards producing self-reliant citizens who will be able to contribute positively to the development of the country. It promotes healthy mental well-being of staff and students by sensitization through conferences, workshops, lectures, seminars, fliers, posters, and retreats on social vices like cultism, sexual harassment, examination misconduct, indecent dressing, violence, rape, smoking, AIDS, pre-marital sexual relationship, alcoholism, etc. Individual counselling session encourages students to have access to assistance whenever they are confronted with problems. The Unit has highly qualified professional guidance counsellors at the Main Campus and Continuing Education Centre (CEC). The Unit is well equipped with up-to-date facilities to render services. Therefore, why can't you visit the Unit today? You will be glad you did; your problems will be solved by God's grace.



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