Engr. A.A Jimoh

Director of CEDVS

With the high rate of unemployment, public sector retrenchment, downsizing in corporations and other restructuring programmes now in full swing in the country, self-employment and small enterprise promotion are presently high on the agenda of virtually every polytechnic and monotechnic in Nigeria.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Studies (CEDVS) was established to prepare students to be proactive, flexible and able to adapt to the changing demands of the modern economy. Entrepreneurship education policy and programmes have been developed over the past few years to assist polytechnics in responding to this great challenge.

The Centre through its Entrepreneurship Education is directed towards developing in our students those skills, competencies, knowledge to successfully manage personal, community, business, and work opportunities. Undertaking entrepreneurship education in the polytechnic encourages the development of skills and attributes that employers are looking for such as teamwork, commitment and flexibility. It will also help to develop in students a realistic knowledge and understanding of business and working life.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Studies (CEDVS) is made up of four units:

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i. Academic Programme Unit

This unit is responsible for the supervision of all CEDVS courses and curricullum. In addition, it is in charge of training programmes, workshops, seminars, train-the-trainers workshop (skill/ trade) etc. Each unit is expected to carry out in-house training workshop for facilitators and trainers in collaboration with the skills and enterprise unit. The Entrepreneurship Education made compulsory by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) as a prerequisite for accreditation of all programmes involves students of the Polytechnic at all levels (i.e. ND I, ND II, HND I and HND II), (ND Yr II, ND Yr III, HND Yr II & HND Yr III).

The entrepreneurship education is divided into three parts, viz: -

Business plan and feasibility report


Theory / Exam (Computer Based Examination)

ii. Skill Acquisition Unit

This Unit organises and trainsstaff, students and external community on various skills available within the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Studies which includes:

i. Aquaculture (Fish Farming) Unit

ii. Apiculture (Bee keeping and Honey Production) Unit

iii. Snailry Unit

iv. Tie & Dye / Batik Unit

V. Crop Production Unit

vi. Poultry Unit

vii. Simple Electrical Gadget Unit

viii. Welding and Fabrication Unit

ix. Ceramics, Art and Crafts Unit

x. Bakery and Confectionary Unit

xi. ICT Unit

xii. Hospitality and Events Management Unit

xiii. Fashion and Design Unit

xiv. Furniture and Carpentry Unit

xv. Farm Unit

Plan is in progress to introduce other skill/trades such as

i. Block moulding and allied products

ii. Mushroom production and processing

iii. Shoe and leather works

iv. Printing technology

v. Music and dancing

vi. Photography

 vii. Food processing

viii. Hair dressing/stylist

iii. Enterprise Development Unit

This unit is responsible for the supervision of all CEDVS Enterprise/Ventures such as: Aquaculture (Fish Farming), Apiculture (Bee keeping and Honey Production), Snailry, Tie and Dye / Batik, Crop Production, Poultry production, Simple Electrical Gadget, Welding and Fabrication, Ceramics, Arts and Crafts, Bakery and Confectionery, ICT, Hospitality and Events Management, Fashion Design, Furniture & Carpentry, Farm Unit. In addition, it is responsible for monitoring profitability of each skill and enterprise venture at the centre. The unit facilitates cost benefit analysis of new and existing skill/trade ventures/enterprise, monitor students and recommend setting them up at the proposed enterprise village. It also ensures that each unit skill/trade carry-out in-house training workshops for their facilitators and trainers in conjunction with the skills acquisition unit and academic unit of the centre. The monthly report of each unit is channeled to the director through this unit as well.

iv. Work Study Scheme/Skill Development and Marketing Unit


This unit organizes work place for students within the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Studies and the polytechnic community to encourage them in earning little income in addition to their upkeep allowances. The unit also manages the marketing outlet, car wash, auto alignment and servicing unit of the centre.



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