CICT Mandate

-         to provide IT standards and IT guidelines in the Polytechnic

-         to develop and interpret workable ICT policy for the Polytechnic

-         to provide Strategic Plan on ICT development in the Polytechnic

-         to manage the Polytechnic information (staff / student records) and database

-    to manage the existing Polytechnic Portals (Students Record System (SRS) Portal, Learning Management (LMS / e-Learning) Portal and Staff Information System (SIS) Portal.

-         to develop and manage the Polytechnic Financial Record System (FRS) Portal.

-  to develop and manage online / automated fees payment schedules, transcript order, application for hall of accommodation, medical and registration of students.

-         to supply information (Staff / Student) to units / departments / schools in desired formats.

-         to works with Schools and departmental examination officers as technical support software programmers to produce examination results using the customized Polytechnic Result Manager.

-         to provide ICT capacity building for staff and students of the Polytechnic through various training programmes.

-         to maintain both application software and repairs of computers for the Polytechnic Community

-         to design, provide and sustain Internet access to the Polytechnic Community.

-     to design, provide and maintain the Polytechnic Area Network, all servers connected to the network security management and network infrastructures in all buildings in the Polytechnic.

-         to create Help-desk support services to the Polytechnic community on ICT applications and facilities.

-   to ensure that the Polytechnic community has a standard and robust Website through a constant web presence, maintenance and updating of the website

-    to ensure information security standards to safeguard user information and transaction details on the Polytechnic website.

-         to promote the development of instructional materials in electronic format

-         to embark on appropriate publicity campaign for the purpose of sensitizing the Polytechnic community on the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting

-         to promote Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) development, education and use in the Polytechnic

-        to promote Innovative use of Information Technology that adds value to the Academic Environment

-         to troubleshoots and maintains all the Polytechnic computer systems, accessories, printers, and photocopiers.

-         to provide a focus for the ‘computerization’ strategy of the Polytechnic

-         to be the “go-to” person on campus as far as computer usage is concern;

-         to be responsible for all the computer and telecommunication technology on campus;

-         to Initiate and drive all new computer technology procurement;

-         to devise, implement and enforce ICT software and hardware security on campus;

-         to track and manage all deployed Polytechnic ICT equipment;


-         to research and keep abreast of all development in the ICT sector, as well as advise management of new developments and how to integrate them into the work of the Polytechnic;

Contact Address

The Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti.
PMB. 5351, Ado Ekiti,

Ekiti State, Nigeria. 

For Enquiries;
+2348098762565, +2347088335676