I am the Registrar,

The Polytechnic’s Chief Scribe and Secretary to the Governing Council.

Early in life, I grasped the twin concepts of focus and commitment.

I rose through the ranks to reach the Zenith of my career through being focused and committed.

You too can reach the height of your chosen profession, if you are focused and know what you are doing, every little time matters a lot.

Being focused and committed to whatever you are doing is not negotiable.

Best of luck.

The Registrar is appointed by the Council. She is responsible to the Rector for the day-to-day administrative affairs of the Polytechnic. She is also the custodian of the Polytechnic’s records on staff, students and other matters that are considered essential to the effective running of the Institution.

Contact Address

The Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti.
PMB. 5351, Ado Ekiti,

Ekiti State, Nigeria. 

For Enquiries;
+2348098762565, +2347088335676 
Email: contactus@fedpolyado.edu.ng