Sports’ Unit

The Sports Uunit is responsible for all sporting activities of staff and students. The unit is specifically charged to

i) Initiate innovative strategies for involving the staff and students of the polytechnic in sports.

ii) Draw up programmes that could enhance effective scouting, coaching and preparing athletes for both intra and extramural sports session by session.

iii) To ensure coaching of the polytechnic athletes to an enviable standard for both Local, State, National and international competitions that could enable them win laurels for the polytechnic.

iv) To carry out the administrative tasks that could enhance sporting activities and to represent the polytechnic at every sport meet at Local, State, National and international levels.

v) To prepare polytechnic contingents for extramural sports competitions.

Sports and Recreational Facilities Available

 The polytechnic has facilities for twelve (12) sports including two (2) soccer pitches, two (2) running tracks, two (2) Tennis courts, two (2) Volleyball courts, two (2) Basketball courts, one (1) Squash Hall, Indoor Halls for indoor sports and a Sports Office Complex with Physical Fitness machine room, which serves as the Polytechnic Fitness Centre. The polytechnic has raised her head sports wisely by winning laurels in both Local, State, National and international competitions.

Sports and recreational facilities available

The following sports and recreational facilities are available in the Polytechnic:

1. A standard sports’ complex with well-grassed football field and other supporting facilities for various track and field events. In addition, each of the students’ hostels has common-rooms equipped with indoor game facilities.

2. The Ekiti Golf Club, which is located directly opposite the Polytechnic campus, provides unique opportunity for lovers of the game. 

3. The Prime Guest House with lodging facilities, telephone, standard restaurant and indoor games facilities.

4. The Students’ Union Building with recreational facilities like video - viewing centre, business centre, buttery and indoor game facilities.

5. A Bukateria where decent food, snacks, drinks are available to both students and staff at moderate and affordable charges.

6. Quite a good number of Students’ clubs/organisations are registered to cater for the social and recreational activities of students.


7. A good number of recreational centres, viz: Fajuyi Park, Oluyemi Kayode Stadium, some modern hotels, Danke Fast Foods, Mr Biggs, Tantalizers and Captain Cook Fast Foods, etc., are located within Ado-Ekiti township which is about 10 kilometers away from the campus.





Contact Address

The Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti.
PMB. 5351, Ado Ekiti,

Ekiti State, Nigeria. 

For Enquiries;
+2348098762565, +2347088335676