Centres and Directorates

Apart from the Offices of the Principal Officers, which are sub-divided into smaller Administrative Units, Deans of School and Heads of Academic Department, other important Administrative Structure of the Polytechnic includes the Directorates headed by Directors, these include:

  • Directorate of Physical Planning and Development
  • Directorate of Maintenance and Services;
  • Directorate of Medical Services (The Health Centre);
  • Directorate of Academic Planning (AP)
  • Directorate of Information Communication Technology & Management Information System (ICT&MIS)
  • Directorate of Protocol, Information and Public Relations (PIPR)
  • Directorate of University Degree Affiliated Programme, (DUDAP)
  • Director of Personnel and Management Services (DPMS)
  • Directorate of Academic Affairs in the Registry (DAAR)
  • Directorate of External Linkage and Advancement Services (DELAS)
  • Centre for Research, Innovation and Development (CRID)
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Studies (CEDVS):
  • Olusegun Obasanjo Centre for Engineering Innovation, (OOCEI);

Directorate of Students’ Affairs

Another vital Directorate is the Students Affairs headed by a Dean with Administrative Units including Students Activities, Sports Unit, Guidance and Counseling, Students Industrial Work Experience/Industrial Liaison Units, among others.



The Olusegun Obasanjo Centre for Engineering Innovation was founded in 2003 as a Copy Technology Centre of excellence to engage in real production, repairs and fabrications of various equipment, in synergy with the Academic Departments.

Among the various Units in the Centre are:

  • Computer Centre
  • Solar Energy Unit
  • Welding and Fabrication unit for the production of metal Beds/Chairs/Office Storage Cabinets etc
  • Production of AVR Stabilizers
  • Foundry Unit
  • Simple Laboratory Equipment Fabrication Unit
  • Electro Plating Unit
  • Office Equipment repair and Fabrication Unit.


The Ado Poly Ventures Ltd. was set up as a Business Arm of the Institution to operate in synergy with the various Departments of the Polytechnic with a view to generating revenue for the Institution. A Managing Director appointed specifically for the Poly Ventures Ltd. coordinates the business conglomerate. The following Units among others are currently operated by the Poly Ventures Ltd.

  1. Prime Guest House
  2. Poli Water Plant
  • Outdoor Catering Services
  1. Business Centre
  2. Retail Electronic Shop
  3. Poly Consult
  • Meat and Food Shop, etc.
  • Computer Institute for Professional Training
  1. Cleaning & Gardening Contract Services
  2. APV Ltd, Petrol Filling Station and Vehicle Maintenance Unit.

The Ado Poly Ventures Ltd. is also required to operate in synergy with the Olusegun Obasanjo Centre for Engineering Innovation and the Glass Pilot Plant among other Arms of the Polytechnic for the Marketing of their Products.