The Registry is one of the Service Departments that assist the Chief Executive (The Rector) in the day-to-day administration of the Polytechnic. The Department keeps records of Staff and Students as well as all official activities and also interprets rules and regulations that guide their conduct.


The Registry is made up of:

a) Office of the Registrar and Legal/Labour Desk

b) Directorate of Academic Affairs (I and II) comprising Admissions Office as well as Examination and Records

c) Directorate of Personnel and Management Services (Establishment) comprising two main divisions: Junior Staff Matters and Senior Staff Matters

d) Council Affairs and General Administration Division

e) Directorate of Students’ Affairs.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar coordinates the activities of all the Units/Divisions in the Registry. She is responsible to the Rector on all administrative issues and is the Secretary to the Polytechnic Governing Council and the Academic Board as well as all other statutory bodies of the Polytechnic.

The Registrar is assisted by a number of career administrators who are centrally deployed to the various units in the Registry and in the Polytechnic as a whole.

All in-coming mails are processed in the Registrar’s Office before they are dispatched to the various units or offices for further action. Aside from the main Office of the Registrar, the Legal Unit and Labour Desk also operates under the direct supervision of the Registrar.

Directorate of Academic Affairs

The Directorate of Academic Affairs of the Registry consists of two main Departments (i.e. Admissions as well as Examination and Records but split into five Units as follows: The Units under the Directorate include:

a) Admission Unit

b) Academic Board Unit

c) Exams and Records Unit

d) Certificates and Transcripts Unit and

e) Verification Unit.

On the whole, the Directorate, under the overall supervision of the Registrar and headed by a Director (who is equally assisted by a number of Senior Registry Staff), keeps all records on the Students’ academic activities, processes admissions, registers Students (in conjunction with academic departments), sends notification of results, transcripts and certificates to students as well as carry out from time to time verification of the results prepared/received for admission purposes in the Polytechnic. The Division also serves as the Secretariat of the Academic Board, which is the highest policy-making body on academic matters.