The Registry is one of the Service Departments that assist the Chief Executive (The Rector) in the day-to-day administration of the Polytechnic. The Department keeps records of Staff and Students as well as all official activities and also interprets rules and regulations that guide their conduct.


The Registry is made up of:

a) Office of the Registrar and Legal/Labour Desk

b) Directorate of Academic Affairs (I and II) comprising Admissions Office as well as Examination and Records

c) Directorate of Personnel and Management Services (Establishment) comprising two main divisions: Junior Staff Matters and Senior Staff Matters

d) Council Affairs and General Administration Division

e) Directorate of Students’ Affairs.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar coordinates the activities of all the Units/Divisions in the Registry. She is responsible to the Rector on all administrative issues and is the Secretary to the Polytechnic Governing Council and the Academic Board as well as all other statutory bodies of the Polytechnic.

The Registrar is assisted by a number of career administrators who are centrally deployed to the various units in the Registry and in the Polytechnic as a whole.

All in-coming mails are processed in the Registrar’s Office before they are dispatched to the various units or offices for further action. Aside from the main Office of the Registrar, the Legal Unit and Labour Desk also operates under the direct supervision of the Registrar.

Directorate of Academic Affairs

The Directorate of Academic Affairs of the Registry consists of two main Departments (i.e. Admissions as well as Examination and Records but split into five Units as follows: The Units under the Directorate include:

a) Admission Unit

b) Academic Board Unit

c) Exams and Records Unit

d) Certificates and Transcripts Unit and

e) Verification Unit.

On the whole, the Directorate, under the overall supervision of the Registrar and headed by a Director (who is equally assisted by a number of Senior Registry Staff), keeps all records on the Students’ academic activities, processes admissions, registers Students (in conjunction with academic departments), sends notification of results, transcripts and certificates to students as well as carry out from time to time verification of the results prepared/received for admission purposes in the Polytechnic. The Division also serves as the Secretariat of the Academic Board, which is the highest policy-making body on academic matters.

Directorate of Personnel and Management Services (Establishment)

The Directorate of Personnel and Management Services or Establishment consists of two main Divisions (i.e. Junior Staff Matters and Senior Staff Matters) but split into five sub-Units as follows:

a) Junior Staff Matters

b) Senior Staff (Teaching)

c) Senior Staff (Non-Teaching) Matters

d) Pension and Records

e) Servicom Desk

f) Training and Staff Development

The Directorate, under the overall supervision of the Registrar, is headed by a Director, who is equally assisted by a number of Senior Registry Staff. The Directorate keeps and manages records of staff, from entry to exit points, in the Polytechnic.

The Senior Staff Matters (Teaching and Non-Teaching) arms of the Directorate serves as the Secretariat for the Senior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee under the chairmanship of the Rector, while the Junior Staff Matters section serves as the Secretariat for the Junior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee under the Chairmanship of the Registrar.

Council Affairs and General Administration Division

The Division is the Secretariat for the Governing Council and its Committees. A Senior Registry Staff heads the Division under the supervision of the Registrar, and is in turn assisted by a number of other subordinate staff. The Division services the meetings of the Governing Council and its Committees, and performs other related functions as may be determined/delegated by the Registrar from time to time.

Directorate of Students’ Affairs

The Registry Department of the Directorate of Students’ Affairs is coordinated by a Senior Registry Staff tagged as the Students’ Affairs Officer who coordinates other Registry Staff in assisting Students to integrate into their new environment. The functions of the Students’ Affairs Officer include:

  • Operating in liaison with the Dean, Students’ Affairs for the day-to-day administration of the Department.
  • Seeing to the general welfare of the Students in the area of hostel accommodation for the eligible.
  • Supervising and coordinating Students’ Union election and other activities.
  • Mobilizing graduating Higher National Diploma Students for the Country’s compulsory National Youth Service Corps scheme.
  • Responsible for handling the registration of the Students’ Social and Religious Associations.
  • Maintaining peace and order within the Students’ body as well as between the Students and Management.
  • Processing documentation of scholarships and other financial aids to deserving Students.
  • Coordinating other Students-related activities.

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Get Your Results Verified with Ease


Step 1: Make a formal request to the Registrar of the Polytechnic. The request should contain the following details:

The address of your organization (including E-mail address) making the request

The name and phone number of the person making the request on behalf of the organization

A photocopy of the statement of result or certificate to be verified is attached to the application/request for verification.

Step 2: Attach evidence of payment of the approved fees for the verification. The approved fees for verification of the National Diploma and Higher National Diploma statement of results respectively are N5,000 (with or without transcript). The fee is N10,000 for both (with or without transcripts).

Five thousand Naira (N5,000) for ND result with or without Transcript.

Five thousand Naira (N5,000) for HND results with or without Transcript.

Ten thousand Naira (N10,000) for ND and HND results.

Step 3: Make the payment through Remita into the Polytechnic Reference account with the following code: 1000060528.

Step 4: Send your request to the email address The verification process will begin promptly, and the outcome of the verification will be communicated to you via email.

By following these four simple steps, you can easily verify your transcript and unlock your full potential!