The Rectory is the main hub of the entire administrative machinery and from where the whole affairs of the Polytechnic is coordinated. The mandate of the Rectory is essentially to plan, control and coordinate the activities and affairs of the Polytechnic for the purpose of achieving its set goals and overall policy objectives.

The Rectory as one of the full-fledged broad Divisions, directly oversees a number of Departments, Centres and Directorates in the Institution. The Division is under the direct and overall supervision of the Rector, who is the Chief Executive of the Polytechnic and steers the Institution towards achieving academic excellence, effective and efficient Administration.


The Rectory is made up of the Office of the Rector, other offices of the Deputy Rectors, (Academic and Administration), including Internal Audit, Security Unit, and Sports Unit as well as Directorates and other Special Centres under the overall supervion of the Rector. The Rectory under the coordination of the Rector is made up of the following arms:

a) Office of the Rector

b) Office of the Deputy Rector (Academics)

c) Office of the Deputy Rector (Administration)

d) Sports Office

e) Internal Audit & Control Unit

f) Security Unit

Other Arms of the Rectory (Centres and Directorates)

Other Arms or Organs of the Rectory which operate as Directorates or Centres are:

a) Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Studies (CEDVS)

b) Centre for Research, Innovation and Development (C.R.I.D)

c) Olusegun Obasanjo Centre for Engineering Innovation (OOCEI)

d) Directorate of Academic Planning (DAP)

e) Directorate of External Linkage and Advancement

f) Directorate of Information Communication Technology and Management Information System (ICT&MIS)

g) Directorate of Maintenance and Services (DMS)

h) Directorate of Medical Services (D.Med.S.)

i) Directorate of Physical Planning and Development (PPD)

j) Directorate of Protocol, Information and Public Relations (DPIPR)

k) Directorate of University Degrees’ Affiliation Programme (DUDAP)

Sports Office

The Sports Office as a Unit is responsible for all sporting activities of staff and students. The Unit is specifically charged to:

a) initiate innovative strategies for involving the staff and students of the Polytechnic in sports.

b) draw up programmes that could enhance effective scouting, coaching, seminars & symposiums and preparing athletes for both intra and extramural sports session by session.

c) ensure coaching of the Polytechnic athletes to an enviable standard for both Local, State, National and International competitions that could enable them win laurels for the Polytechnic.

d) carry out the administrative tasks that could enhance sporting activities and to represent the Polytechnic at every sport meet at Local, State, National and International levels.

e) prepare Polytechnic contingents for extramural sports competitions.

Sports and Recreational Facilities Available

The Polytechnic has the following sports facilities:

3 Soccer pitches; 2 Running tracks; 2 Tennis courts; 2 Volleyball courts; 2 Basketball courts; 1 Squash hall; Sports Office Complex equipped with Physical Fitness Centre.

An indoor Multipurpose Hall is needed to enhance effective indoor training programmes in readiness for competitions by students and staff.

The following sports and recreational facilities are also available around the Polytechnic:

i) A standard sports’ complex with well-grassed football field and other supporting facilities for various track and field events. In addition, each of the students’ hostels has common-rooms equipped with indoor game facilities.

ii) The Ekiti Golf Club, which is located directly opposite the Polytechnic campus, provides unique opportunity for lovers of the game.

iii) The Prime Guest House with lodging facilities, telephone, standard restaurant and indoor games facilities.

iv) The Students’ Union Building is also equipped with recreation facilities like: Television viewing centre, business centre, buttery and indoor game facilities.

v) A Bukateria where decent food, snacks, drinks are available to both students and staff at moderate and affordable charges.

vi) Quite a good number of Student’s clubs/organisations are registered to cater for the social and recreational activities of students.

vii) A good number of recreational centres, viz: Fajuyi Park, Oluyemi Kayode Stadium, some modern hotels, Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers and Captain Cook Fast Foods, etc., are located within Ado–Ekiti township which is about 10 kilometers away from the campus.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is a management control, which function by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of internal Control system in the Polytechnic.

  • The Internal Audit Unit is directly responsible to the accounting officer (The Rector) for a detailed audit of the accounts records, examination of the system and procedure put in place and thereafter report to the Rector, when in audit opinion, the attention of the Rector and the Bursar are needed to be called to any observed irregularity in accounting records or weakness in the accounting procedure or the need to respond to earlier report(s).

Functions of the Internal Audit Unit include:

1) The Internal Audit is to be sure that the system is in compliance with extant rules and regulations and the existence of internal checks.

2) To be sure that the system of Internal control of collection of revenue is appropriate and that all income received are recorded accordingly to appropriate head and sub-head.

3) The unit also ensure that control of expenditure is adequate, all payments are properly authorized and that right codes are used and payment to the right person.

Chief Internal Auditor’s Office

The Chief Internal Auditor as the head of Audit unit: oversees the overall activities of all the Sub-Units. He is responsible to the Rector on all Internal and Control Matters. All incoming mail/vouchers are received before they are minuted to the various Unit. There are four sub-units in the Internal Audit as follows:

i) Expenditure and Budget Control: The Unit is charged with the responsibility of checking all payment voucher related to capital/minor contract, checking of vote book in line with extant rules and regulation, checking of payroll and others.

ii) Accounts and Investigation: This Unit is responsible for checking of all personal advances, cash advances, retirement of cash advances and also deals with any claims relating to staff matters.

iii) Revenue and Investment Unit: This Unit is to check the revenue on the investment of the Polytechnic such as Obasanjo Centre for Engineering Innovation, CEDVS, Farms and all related to Internally Generated Revenue etc.

iv) Continue Education Centre: The Unit is mainly to check all income from part time, and making sure that internal controls are put in place in all their dealing at the centre.


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The name and phone number of the person making the request on behalf of the organization

A photocopy of the statement of result or certificate to be verified is attached to the application/request for verification.

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Ten thousand Naira (N10,000) for ND and HND results.

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