As the current administration in Ekiti State marks its two years in office, Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Dr. Dayo Oladebeye, has congratulated the Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, for his landmark achievements within two years in the saddle as the Governor of Ekiti State.

The Rector, who lauded Dr. Fayemi’s effort noted that the second coming of the Governor as the democratically elected helmsman in the “Land of Honour” which started two years ago has been greatly beneficial to the people of Ekiti State going by the result of his tenacious determination to turn things around for the good of all.

Dr. Oladebeye pointed out that governor Kayode Fayemi’s dedication to the development of some landmark facilities is in the public domain for all to see, such as, the establishment and construction of four new secondary schools in the state capital, the establishment of a College of Agriculture and Technology, the revival of Ikun Diary Farm, completion of some abandoned projects in the State Secretariat, such as the State Civic Centre Project and the (Oja Oba) main market amon others, speak volume of his achievement under two years of his current tenure.

He also noted the tenacity of purpose and the dogged commitment of the governor in the handling of COVID-19 pandemic in the state as well as his focus on given tasks remain testimonies of his courage; a situation which produce fertile ground for the emergence of the likes of Mr. Henry Olaoluwa Asubiojo who won the “Best Public Secondary School Teacher in Nigeria in the 2020 Presidential Teachers and Schools Excellence Award”.

In a related development, while congratulating the National Best Teacher in 2020, Dr. Oladebeye disclosed that the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti community has been very proud of Mr. Asubiojo’s achievement, given the fact that the Awardee is an alumnus of the Institution, who graduated from its Department of Mineral and Petroleum Resources Engineering Technology in 1996.

The Rector further stated that Mr. Asubiojo’s Award was not only a reflection of Governor Fayemi’s care for Teachers but also an attestation to the quality of the products of the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti and by extension, Federal Polytechnics in the Country.

Dr. Oladebeye also congratulating the entire staff and students of Amoye Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti where Mr. Asubiojo teaches as well as his native town, Igede-Ekiti and Ekiti State at large and wished him even greater achievements in the years ahead.